Value Your Trade

Get a KBB Instant Cash Offer For Your Vehicle at Steve Rayman Chevrolet

Most buyers who visit Steve Rayman Chevrolet are considering a purchase that will replace one of their current vehicles. So, there is always the question of how much the trade-in is worth that can be applied to the new vehicle purchase. For many buyers, this information will significantly impact their purchase because they can cash in the value of their current vehicle.

The team at Steve Rayman Chevrolet wants all buyers to have this critical information as rapidly as possible to assist them in their new vehicle selection. So, we have included a page on our website that will create your KBB Instant Cash Offer. The process is simple, fast, and reliable, ensuring you know what to expect when you arrive at Steve Rayman Chevrolet to trade in your car, truck, or SUV. In addition, you can use your KBB Instant Cash Offer even if you are not purchasing at Steve Rayman Chevrolet.

How To Get Started With Selling Your Car

To begin your KBB Instant Cash Offer, you only need to provide some basic information about your vehicle. The easiest way to ensure the information is correct is to enter the 17-digit VIN, or vehicle identification number, to begin the survey. You will also be asked to provide information about the vehicle’s mileage and condition. Once that data is entered, the program calculates your instant cash offer.

How Does Kelley Blue Book Calculate My Trade-In Value?

In addition to the general questions you answered about the mileage of the vehicle and its condition, the program bases the pricing on several other factors, including:

  • Current supply and demand
  • Historical trends that will help determine if the vehicle traditionally holds its value
  • Regional information is used to add value to certain types of vehicles that could be more popular in a given location
  • The local market will influence the value based on recent sales of similar vehicles and their sale price

How Long Is My Instant Cash Offer Good?

When you receive your instant cash offer, you will have seven days to bring the vehicle to Steve Rayman Chevrolet. When you arrive, let our team know you are here to take advantage of your KBB Instant Cash Offer. One of our team members will examine the vehicle to ensure it meets all the information and criteria listed on the offer. Once this short review is completed, let our team know if you are ready to select your next vehicle and apply the KBB offer as a trade-in or if you would like the cash.

In addition, it is critical to know that after your vehicle has been inspected and accepted at Steve Rayman Chevrolet, you have one day to decide if you are ready to trade it in or take the cash offer. This gives you a night to determine if you are ready to treat yourself to that new Chevy you found at Steve Rayman Chevrolet without feeling pressured or rushed into the purchase. So, feel free to head home to Smyrna or Marietta and take the night to think about getting that new Chevy that caught your eye.

Please get in touch with Steve Rayman Chevrolet today if you have any additional questions regarding your KBB Instant Cash Offer.